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About The Gallery

Oriel Makers is a bit different from most galleries - it is run by a community of artists and makers, who share all the management responsibilities. It was the first of it's kind in Cardiff and has become a local success story, celebrating it's 33rd Anniversary this year. One of it's attractions is that visiting customers will be greeted by a different artist-maker each day.


The gallery opened in the summer of 1991 and continues to showcase quality contemporary art and fine crafts whilst also providing a bespoke service for customers, and selling a wide range of gifts, including glass, textiles, jewellery, wood, photographs, ceramics, paintings, prints and greetings cards.

Oriel Makers represents the work of fifty or so artist-makers, many of them local, with a central team of eight who each have specific responsibilities within the organisation. Meetings are held monthly to discuss finances, improvements, PR and general management as well as looking at work from new applicants and organising the rota for the next month. The gallery's running expenses are paid for out of commission on sales, with varying commission rates corresponding to the makers' level of involvement in management.

Oriel Makers operates like a cooperative - member artists are encouraged to play an active role by stewarding, giving them the opportunity to meet the public, network with other artists and gain experience in the administrative and day to day duties involved in running a gallery. All new work is scrutinised for quality and originality and existing work is reviewed to maintain a high standard of excellence. The meetings also provide an opportunity for the group to chat about their work and catch up with news.

Oriel Makers has been represented at the National Eisteddfod, been involved in local arts events, and continues to play an important part in the promotion of local and national artists and makers.

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